Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fingers Crossed

Poodle is off on her second home trial period. I hope she wins them over. They were not sure if they wanted a second dog or not. Their dog didn't seem to care if he had a playmate. My poodle was very cute though and I hope her charm wins her a place in their home.

Two other dogs got adopted at the event today but none of them were mine. I am worn out as usual so I won't be going to the rummage sale tomorrow. It actually rained a little bit last night and the dogs tracked in plenty of sand that will need to be cleaned up. Maybe I can get a load of laundry done too.

I'm watching Stomp on It isn't as interesting as I had hoped but it is still neat to see it for free. Maybe it is better in real life.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

You sound like you are wearing yourself out. Could you not cut down dog numbers for a bit just to have a break or is it like kids where it makes no difference how many there are over a certain number and the mess etc doesn't get any worse?

Daizy said...

Oh yes that is exactly the plan. Unfortunately these dogs of mine aren't getting adopted. I fear I will be stuck with 8 dogs forever!