Monday, November 14, 2011

Looking Helpless Pays Off

I didn't plan on looking helpless but I seem to have a knack for underestimating the tools needed for a job. I took my handsaw over to my rental house and started to cut. I noticed that someone else had tried to cut the branch off before me and gave up. I quickly realized why they gave up. Oak trees are VERY hard plus it was a 3 inch branch but where it connected to the tree was more like 6 inches.

So I sawed and sawed and I had noticed that the neighborhood landscapers had parked nearby (our HOA dues at work!). One of the older gentlemen came over with a pole saw, the kind for cutting high tree branches and offered to cut the branch for me. He had both branches cut off in about 5 minutes. Then he said, "Do you live here?" and I said,"Nope, just collecting firewood", I told him I owned the house but it was rented.

After that I pulled the neighbor's stubborn weeds that were growing between the houses. They don't care about their weeds but I do because the seeds spread all over my side and I get violation letters too because there are weeds between our houses.

That chore is done for another month until the weeds start to grow again. I tried to buy some pre-emergent at Home Depot but I didn't find any. It must be a Spring item. I hope that solved the problem. I don't want to get any more HOA letters.

I counted up my vacation days and I have enough days to take Friday off. That takes some stress off. Only 3 more days of work this week. I think I can make it!

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Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

That was kind. there are still some nice people about.