Friday, October 21, 2011

Saturday Is For Chores

Well, I made it to the weekend even though it was a rough week. Tomorrow I am going to take one puppy to meet someone and hopefully he will get adopted so I can run errands in town. Even if he doesn't get adopted at 12, I plan to leave the dog for an hour and go to Home Depot for some Quikcrete and I'm not sure what else. I want to pour concrete along the bottom of the skirting to attempt a snake barrier.

My snake bitten dog spent the day at a friend's house and she is watching her overnight. She looks awful but I think she will make it. My other dog was swollen for 5 days. Only 3 more days and I hope to see some improvement. She is just so sad.

I also have many loads of laundry piled up. That is what happens when I don't do laundry for 3 weeks. It is on the top of my list, right under snake hunting and building snake barriers.

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