Sunday, October 23, 2011

No Sign Of The Snake

The end of October is always the same. It is cold for a few days and then it gets hot again and we wonder if it is ever going to cool down. Usually on Halloween it is really cold and all the trick or treaters freeze in their flimsy costumes. Well, they won't be freezing where I live because no one trick or treats out here. It is way too far between houses. Instead, they organize trunk or treats at the school parking lots where they can go from car to car. Much more convenient.

Today was my laundry day since I have put it off for 3 weeks now. I had 4 loads to do and it was hot so I put in a load, went inside for something cold to drink, went back an hour later, repeat. I also did one extra chore outside while I was out there like get some blankets out of the shed (I'm trying to be prepared this year), sprinkle snake-away granules around the outside of my fence, put out traps, transfer water since my tank was leaking, wash my dog bed and hang it out to dry.

I bought the small bag of snake-away so I didn't have a lot to work with. The 5 gallon bucket is $100. I think I need that. I put the granules around the outside of the fence and then threw it under the mobile home from the side that is open. That way 3 sides have snake-away and the other side has traps. I only have to check one area where the traps are instead of spreading them around different locations. I sure hope I catch the snake so that I know it is gone. If I catch it I am going to put that snake-away stuff all over the place so new snakes don't move in. My yard smells like moth balls now because snake-away is made of naphthalene. I like the smell. To me it means goodbye snakes.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

I interviewed someone at work last Friday for a job. This lady smelled of mothballs. Now I am thinking she must have a much more interesting life outside work that she told us about. Maybe a secret snake hunter.

Daizy said...

I think rather she has a fear of snakes. None will come near her smelling like that.