Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Re-Play

Another day with no adoptions. Too bad. I was sure one of my puppies would go today. The dogs are all sleeping longer now so I am getting more sleep which is much better than before. The puppies used to wake up at 5am. Now they let me sleep until 6. I'm pretty comfortable with my group of dogs right now. They all get along well. Of course I want less of them but I'm willing to wait.

There are a couple of houses of interest but I am not sure I want to be driving around town tomorrow. I would much rather do laundry at home. The house that I am most interested in was just reduced $10,000. It is $90k now. I would only want to offer $80k assuming I liked it. I wonder if they would go for that? Only one way to find out I guess.


Anonymous said...

Do you notice any pattern to dog adoptions? Like they rise as you get close to holidays or something like that?

Good luck on the home purchase. Do you have a rehab fund or are you looking for places that are move in ready but can be fixed up slowly if necessary?

Daizy said...

No, I haven't noticed a pattern. I wish I did, then I wouldn't go on the slow days.

Regarding the home, I am looking for a place that is move in ready but needs some things like cleaning, paint, even replacing flooring is ok.