Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lovely Long Weekend

Today was too short but that is my usual complaint. I managed to stretch the garden hose up to the RV to fill up the tank because I haven't fixed my other water pump yet. While I was doing that I saw this big fat tomato horn worm chomping away on my desert willow tree along with 5 of his buddies.

I tried on all of my thrift store clothes and was happy to find that almost all looked nice. One sweater was a little stretched out. I'm not sure if it is wearable. One shirt had a small hole so I carefully sewed it. I don't think it should be noticeable. I'm going to have to clean out the shirts that I never wear so that I have open hangers.

If I am motivated tomorrow I should take some boxes to the thrift store drop off. I'm already thinking that I won't be that motivated because it is still too hot during the day to be outside. Well, just sorting some things out will be a good first step.

I actually rented a movie from Amazon today, The King's Speech. Not bad but the great reviews made me think it would be better. I also put boards around the bottom of my bed so that my puppies cannot get under there and chew up my boxspring. I actually lost a puppy yesterday because he climbed inside the boxspring and fell asleep. I only found him when I moved the bed and he either crawled out or fell out. Hopefully, next weekend I can get some of these puppies adopted.


KoBold said...

What of the caterpillars? Have you done anything about/to them?

Daizy said...

I flicked them off and let them be free to decide their own destiny from there. Perhaps they climbed back up the tree, perhaps they became a bird's lunch. I may never know.