Friday, September 30, 2011

0% Chance

The offer on my investment property went to the listing agent today. He said that he already had 4 offers over the asking price so any offer should be a best and final offer because he wasn't going to come back and ask for that later. I offered $56,500 but I am pretty sure I won't get it. If I had the money and I was serious about wanting this house I would offer $68k. I think it is worth that much.

My boss said that when he was buying a condo and everyone was bidding in the $70k range, he bid $90k because he wanted it and he knew it was worth that much. Well, that's fine if you have the money available.

I probably won't hear anything until the end of next week since the offers aren't being submitted to the bank until Tuesday morning.

Tomorrow is my usual Saturday. Take the dogs in to town and hope they get adopted especially my puppies. This is getting old. I have puppy burn-out.

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