Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Tiny Kitchen

What a nice relaxing day. I didn't do my laundry or go to the grocery store but I did cook up some chicken alfredo. Cooking is something that I really haven't been doing lately.

This is my tiny kitchen area in the mobile home. To the right is my bed and to the left is my little bathroom and underneath the counter is a dog bed. Not much counter space that's for sure. Ever since I stopped buying propane for the RV I haven't cooked in the RV kitchen because the stove is propane and the freezer was propane but I'm not using that freezer any more. It is quite challenging to cook in this small space but I managed to make dinner and some extra for my lunch.

The weekend is over and I have to think about 5 more days of work. When I read the news I feel very fortunate to have a job since so many people are out of work. My tenants are still paying rent, at least I received last month's rent finally but I wonder if I will get this month's rent. I am very glad I am not depending on that money to live on or to pay the mortgage.

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