Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Simple Pleasures

I got my trash cans today! They are very big. It is going to be a bit of a challenge to take all of my trash and the cans to the end of the road every week. I won't be able to put the trash in to the cans until I get them set up in the pick up spot because they would be too heavy to get in and out of my truck. That is still better than hauling dog poo to work though. And to be able to get rid of my recycling weekly instead of monthly will be great. It takes up so much room. There is so much to clean up around here. I need another long weekend. Maybe this will motivate me to clean the clutter now that I am paying for the service.

Work was so long today. I don't know why. The clock just didn't want to move. One more week until payday and then I can figure out a new plan to end my mortgage and my Home Depot bill. I got the Home Depot bill today but I am not sure how much I want to pay yet. I'm thinking that I can pay half of it this month and half next month. That should be pretty safe once I get my rent money for June.

I have 2 leads on water delivery plus the sky is looking a bit cloudy so I am hoping that I don't run out before it rains. With so many dogs, I can't survive on the tiny bit of water that I did before. These guys drink so much! Plus the added laundry and water for cleaning. Once I figure out my water supply problem I will feel so spoiled. I just can't wait to do laundry when ever I feel like it. And maybe I will even be able to give a dog a bath or even take a bath myself! What luxury!

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