Friday, May 27, 2011

Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen

As you know, the last email that I got from the property management company said that my partial rent payment would be paid to me with my next month's rent. Today I checked my mail and to my surprise, I got a $600 check for May. I like having a property management company but so far they seem to have too many people communicating with me and they all say different things. I sure hope my house doesn't have too many problems and I won't have to deal with the management company very often.

I didn't make a $2,000 payment today because I didn't really see the benefit of giving them $2,000 when I was sooo close to paying off the mortgage but not quite close enough. I'd rather that money stay in my account. If I had received the rent money sooner, I could have paid off the mortgage this month but now I have to deposit the check and I probably won't have time to do that until Tuesday. On the other hand, I could stop my automatic payment and just go ahead and pay the payoff amount on the payoff letter. Payments aren't late until the 16th of each month so I could wait for my next payday and then pay it off. Actually, that sounds like a good idea. That would save $170 from going in to the escrow fund and then I would have to wait 30 days to get it back.

Oops, there goes that idea. I just logged in and cancelled the automatic payment and it says changes will take effect July 2011. I cancelled it but it won't help me out for June.

That means I have to wait because I don't have enough money to pay off the mortgage AND give the bank an extra $800 just for fun. Oh well, I am going to wait until I deposit my check and the payment is made on the first and then decide how to attack it. For now I am going to enjoy my 3 day weekend.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Maybe the management company will be chaotic enough to send you the $600 twice. I is always good to get an unexpected cheque though.

Daizy said...

Haha...I was thinking that but then figured it would be an even bigger hassle when they came looking for their money.