Tuesday, May 24, 2011


When I got to work this morning I checked my email and there was one from the property management company. It said that I had $600 in rent coming my way. Yay! Then I read more and it said that I would be getting the money with my NEXT MONTHS RENT. Wow...can you say disappointed? Next months rent won't be deposited until around the 12th of the month since they take a day to collect it, 10 days for the check to clear and another day to send it by direct deposit. Getting paid in cash by my last tenant was so much quicker...except she didn't always pay and I had to wait until she got her tax return to get the majority of it.

But anyway...now tomorrow is just another day instead of an exciting rent money and payday. I must be a patient little bunny for another almost 3 weeks. Ugh. Once I get paid tomorrow I can pay my regular credit card bill and then figure out how much I can contribute towards the principle without depleting my reserves too much. I forgot that I still have to pay the utility bills for the house up until the tenants transfer it over. I called the trash company and they said that the water company has to tell them to change the account to the new tenant. I called the water company and they said that they sent the notice to the trash and sewer company last Saturday. The trash lady called me back and said that she found the notice and will send me a final bill. I called the sewer lady back and she was all insistent that no one could notify them on a Saturday because they don't work on Saturday. I suppose she has never heard of email. She said I had to call the water company. Crazy sewer lady. I can't believe how expensive the sewer bill is. They base it on water usage and since I filled up my water tanks at the house I had to pay $34 in sewer fees even thought none of it went down the sewer. That's even more than the water bill.

Soon I won't have to pay any more of those bills but I want to make sure I have enough in my checking account to cover them. The rest of the day crept by slowly. I picked up one of my puppies from the vet at noon. She was pretty good and slept under my desk most of the time. My coworkers really like the puppies but I have to be so vigilant about potty breaks that I don't like to bring them because I can't get my work done. It is fun every once in a while though.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Boooo. i am disappointed too.

I read the last paragraph as you snoozing under your desk. thought your boss was pretty easy going!

Daizy said...

my boss is on vacation so right now I probably could get away with a little snooze if my co-workers didn't catch me!