Saturday, May 7, 2011

Catch Up Day

The first day of the weekend is always my catch up day. I caught up on laundry and cleaning and shopping. The one thing I didn't catch up on was sleep. I was afraid that I would fall asleep and not wake up in time to get to the adoption event so I didn't take a nap at 9 like I would have liked to since that is when the dogs take a nap.

I made it to the adoption event early and met the people interested in my chihuahua.

It was his first time out at one of these events so he was very excited and barky. They decided to keep looking at other dogs. Luckily another couple fell in love with him later in the day when he had calmed down and they adopted him. Now I just have to hold my breath for the 3 day trial period and then I am safe. He is a very cute dog but he always wanted to be held or petted and it is really hard to type on the computer with a chihuahua gnawing on me and climbing all over the keyboard. It is so much more peaceful with him gone. I hope they love him very much and they are all very happy. I sure am happy!

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