Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stopping The Cash Leak

It was a nice quiet day at work today. I started to clean off my desk but then I didn't want it to look TOO clean. The people who were testing out my puppy decided to keep him so I didn't have to go pick him up after work. I am glad because I am not in the mood for more potty training. I got to go straight home again and decided to try to take all 6 dogs for a walk at the same time. This was not as enjoyable as taking only 3 but I actually survived it and only lost one dog when I dropped his leash. He ran off and then came back by the time the rest of us made it home. Naughty dog.

Tomorrow I think I will get another load of water. Might as well keep filling up my tanks if the house isn't rented. It is hard to be patient but if I get a good renter eventually then it will be worth the wait.

Oh and I finally added up my expenses for January, February, and March. No wonder I don't have the money to pay off my Home Depot card. I went over budget by $500 each month!!! That means I am $1,500 short. Some of that was the extra electric bill from running 4 space heaters. Some was from buying extra things that I didn't really need but I was at the store so much for my rental house I just grabbed a few things because it was convenient. Some was from eating out and buying more convenience food because I didn't have time to cook. It all added up to a lot of money. Now that I am not shopping for my rental house I should be able to stop the spending. If I want to pay off that credit card and finish off the mortgage I am going to have to get back to staying within my budget. I only have $636 extra a month to go towards the mortgage and credit card. I can't be spending that on donuts and cookies and expect to still meet my goals. If I keep doing that it will take until December to finish the mortgage and that is just too long.

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