Monday, April 11, 2011

Bounce Back

So, it wasn't a mid-week dog return, it was a beginning of the week dog return. I think it was only 9 o'clock when I was told the people wanted to return one of the dogs. It seems she got a hold of the husband's wallet and chewed it up along with the contents. Then she chewed up the dog bed and was spreading the stuffing around. I don't think they were as ready for a crazy puppy as they thought. She went home with me and they are keeping the second one until Wednesday to see if they can handle one puppy at a time. I kept trying to encourage them to look at dogs who were a little older so that they wouldn't have so many issues to deal with but puppies are just soooo cute...until they chew your wallet.

I took a few minutes to put my towels and sheets away. They had been on a bookshelf in the living room but the puppy who got returned likes to pull them off the shelf and shred them. I hope nothing is destroyed when I come home from work tomorrow. If I had a better fence she could be outside. I am really looking forward to building that fence. First though I have to pay off the credit card ($2,000), pay off the mortgage ($4,500) and probably buy a water tap from the water company ($2,000) so I can haul my own water. Maybe I'll get that fence next Fall.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

I dont know how you can not get cross with them for being so stupid. They didnt realise puppies would behave like puppies. I hope they dont do the same with their children.

The sound of £4500 mortgage is amazing

Daizy said...

I know, but it seems like half of the people are like them, totally clueless so I would be mad a lot. I do know the feeling of having a out of control dog though. I've had a few. Luckily they got adopted! :)