Sunday, March 27, 2011

Water Chores

Well, getting the water out of those 50 gallon barrels was not as easy as I had hoped. I started siphoning in to the tank by the mobile home but it stopped halfway empty. Not knowing what to do next, I started some laundry. Then I decided to drive my truck next to the collection tank at the garage so that I could empty out the barrel the rest of the way. My attempts to re-start the siphon failed so I ended up tipping the barrel over and pouring it in to a container and them pumping it to the holding tank. It was much more labor intensive than I had hoped. I need to buy a pump with an intake hose instead of the sump pump that I have. I pumped all of the water from each collection tank in to my holding tank and I now have around 300 gallons. Plus the extra 50 gallons from the hand soap barrel is waiting for future laundry. I didn't make it back to the rental house for more water today. That was disappointing. But I do have 3 clean dogs that my friend washed for me and 2 bags of clean dog laundry. Tomorrow I plan to collect another 100 gallons but I will have to run to the hardware store and buy another pump because siphoning is too slow. I got both vertical blinds up at the house. The only things left to do are closet doors and take stuff back to Home Depot. Almost done but not quite.

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