Thursday, January 13, 2011

So Many Flat Tires

A coworker wanted me to take some pictures for him so we went outside to get more light. On the way back in I noticed that my passenger side rear tire was almost completely flat! I wonder if I drove to work on a deflating tire. I spotted a nail wedged between the treads. There are nails and screws all over the place out here. This is my third flat tire in a relatively short time.

I managed to inflate it with my portable compressor and then I drove over to my favorite tire place, Jack Furrier's Tire Center. They always fix my tires for free and I've never even bought tires from them! They were really quick too. Luckily getting the tire fixed wasn't a big hassle. If I had discovered that flat tire at 5pm after everyone had left it would have been a much bigger problem, especially since I wouldn't have noticed until I drove on it and probably ruined it. Good thing he asked me to take pictures outside.

I have to get up more than an hour early tomorrow to get to work on time for the carpool down to Mexico. I completely forgot that I was supposed to take one of my dogs to the vet to get spayed. Now my friend will have to drive out to my house and pick her up. I hope I remember to pick her up from the vet.

So far the puppies are doing well. I always think the mom isn't nursing them enough but somehow they get fatter everyday so I trust she knows what she is doing.

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