Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another Murphy Day

The closer I get to paying off my mortgage the more bad things are happening. I know the two don't really have anything to do with each other but it just seems like it. Today I pulled up to get the mail out of the big mailbox that is at the end of the street. Someone was parked on the side that I usually go to so I went to the other side like I see other people do. When I went to pull away another car was waiting so I decided to pull forward instead of backing up like I usually do. The only problem was that I wanted to make a U turn. I ended up turning too tight and I heard a noise. I looked back to see the mailbox moving ever so slightly. Uh oh...I new what that meant. When I got home I walked around to see the damage. Yup, I scraped the whole length of the truck bed. There is a foot long dent and grey paint down the side.

That is so embarrassing. Now I have to drive around like that or pay up and get it fixed. Regardless of what I decide, I have to drive it to work tomorrow because I have to go to Mexico all day again so everyone at the office will see the nice stripes on my truck. Repainting my truck was on my to-do list but it was way down at the bottom along with tiling my rental house. Now flooring for the rental and body work/paint for my truck has moved to the top of my list. How disappointing.


Anonymous said...

That dent looks like you might be able to pull it out with one of those plunger things. They sell them at AutoZone for like $5, for that price its worth a shot.

Daizy said...

kim, I will have to try that! A friend told me they sell rubbing compound there too which should take off the grey paint.