Thursday, December 2, 2010

Yes, Another One

Here is the reason for my tardiness tonight.

These two will be going to a different foster home tomorrow. They are shy and a little growly which makes them un-adoptable at the shelter.

And this is the one I got for myself. They are all in crates in the RV with the cat for now.

I shall call him King of the Couch! Just kidding. I hope he gets along with the others once he meets them. And I hope the others like him too.


NelsonandBoober said...

Such cute doggies...We can't believe your mortgage is almost gone...our's is almost done also but not as fast as yours (yes we dogs have a mortgage). Your a great foster dog mum by the way :)

The Executioner said...

The one you have looks similar to one of my dogs. I'm guessing he has some Pug and Chihuahua in him.

Daizy said...

NelsonandBoober, good luck paying off your dog house. Then you can save for your next project...maybe a pool for doggy paddling?

Daizy said...

He is definitely a mix of chihuahua and...I've heard rat terrier, min pin, basenji, pug...has a bit of an underbite.