Friday, December 10, 2010

Someday Everyday Will Be Friday

I couldn't take it anymore so I took the day off. I had so much to do today and I knew I couldn't do it all. It was great to be able to leisurely go through my stuff and pick out things for the garage sale. Then I put them all outside the fence so the dogs couldn't get to them, drove my truck around and loaded it up.

In the afternoon I had to take my new dog to the vet plus the people who adopted my little brown dog decided they wanted to try out my big dog so we traded. I sure hope they are happy with my big dog. He is a very sweet dog but he wants to be petted a lot and will bark at pretty much anything. They specifically asked for a dog that barked so maybe this is a good match after all. It is almost 9pm and I haven't received any frantic phone calls so that is a good sign.

While putting stuff over the fence I lost my balance just as I was setting this plaster pillar down. It broke in half and I just let go of the top since it wasn't going to stand up anymore.

I bought it for my rental house and it survived a whole year with the crazy tenants only to get shattered by me. Either way it isn't going back inside so I made more empty space! When my puppy-nanny came over she helped me load my drafting table and the glass table top that goes with the dinette set. I didn't want that to shatter too.

I have to get up early tomorrow for the sale. I sure hope everything sells because I don't want to take it home. Maybe I will just drop anything that doesn't sell at the Goodwill collection bin on the way home.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

What about asking the boss if you can work a four day week after the mortgage is finished? More time to get stuff done but also still some money coming in to finance some of your projects.

Dave said...

Yes, Daizy, one day every day will be Friday. I know what that is like and it is great! And your money will work for you instead of vice-versa.

From a Seinfeld episode (if I recall it word for word):

George: "Compound interest, like making money without doing anything."

Jerry: "I know people who live their whole lives that way."

George: "Oh yeah? Anyone I know?"

Jerry: (with a sly look at George) "Nobody you know."

Daizy said...

It might work Lizzie if I changed from salary to hourly and worked 3 days. Some people do it at our other office.

Daizy said...

Dave,I am sooo looking forward to it.