Thursday, December 16, 2010

Feeling The Drought

I was dismayed to wake up to blue skies again. I waited impatiently for the rain all day. We got a few sprinkles at work and I eagerly checked my water tanks when I got home. No water level change at all. Maybe the water fairy will fill my tanks tonight while I am sleeping. I can always hope. At least this little storm makes me hopeful that it will rain again one day. I think I have enough water for 2 more weeks if I am careful.

Work was very frustrating today. Nothing in particular, I just seem to be more impatient lately. I checked the employment sites but nothing caught my eye. At least I only have one day until the weekend and then next week is short. After that I get a whole week off. Perhaps I will have a better attitude after the holidays.


Anonymous said...

we must have gotten your rain in Albuquerque, it has been raining all day long and there is even a sprinkling of snow right now - wonder what that sprinkling will look like at 5:00 AM? I don't think I can ever remember a day when it rained all day long.

Daizy said...

Ooo...send the clouds back this way! Actually, it has been raining more tonight. Maybe I will have some measurable water collected in the morning.