Saturday, November 6, 2010

Staying On Track

Another adoption event has stolen away my Saturday. It would feel worth it if dogs got adopted but this time no takers. While I was waiting with my dogs I decided to browse the store and found that the dog food was on sale and not much more expensive than Walmart. I was planning to sneak out and buy some at Walmart but I opted for convenience and rationalized that the time and gas spent driving to Walmart was worth the few extra dollars that I paid. What I didn't count on was the dog treats that jumped in to my cart as well. Those weren't on sale.

Most of the big hurdles are out of the way for my mortgage. This month I just need to collect the rent next Friday and wait patiently for my checks to arrive for the stocks that I sold and hope that they equal $3,000. Then I just need to keep working and getting my paychecks, stay under budget, which is getting harder and harder to do towards the end because I have put off so many purchases. Just this week I noticed holes in my work socks. Maybe I will get some new socks for Christmas. And speaking of Christmas, it has the potential to cause some major setbacks with my mortgage plan if I don't plan carefully. I was hoping to have my mortgage paid off before Christmas but no sense in dwelling on that now. I'll just have to plan my gifts carefully so I don't max out the credit card (I'm kidding of course because my credit card max is $15k and if I spent that much on gifts I can't imagine what I would be buying!).


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

You are doing so well. Just keep your head down and it will soon all be behind you.

Daizy said...

Time is flying by...too bad the money is flying too.

KoBold said...

Socks for Christmas? Hmmm, good idea. What kind?