Friday, November 12, 2010

Long Day

Good thing it's Friday. This week wasn't too bad. I got to do a lot with choosing pictures for our company website which I think is fun. Today I even got to take some pictures. Our engineer brought some parts that we make and he was getting ready to take some pictures. He asked me what kind of look I wanted and I said, a jaunty pose. He wasn't sure what that would be so he tried a few pictures and then said that he hated that kind of work so I happily took over. I was making comments like,"look pretty, act happy, now you're mad, get angry, your pouty, now your coy!". He thought I was really weird and then he finally said,"oh, you mean like those angry looking fashion models?". Haha, yes. It took him a while but he finally got the reference. Our tool designer came in and I said the same thing to him and he got the reference right away. Anyway, it was funny because little pieces of metal look the same when they are happy or angry.

When I got home my new dog had escaped from her crate in the RV and destroyed two mini blinds and three screens. Oh boy. She is in the mobile home in a crate with the rest of my dogs now. My momma dog doesn't like her so she will go to someone else's house tomorrow. Hopefully she will sleep quietly all night.


KoBold said...

"little pieces of metal look the same when they are happy or angry"

Just like in "cold glass looks exactly like hot glass".


Working Rachel said...

Ha, I love the "jaunty poses" for the parts, too.

Daizy said...

Kobold, is that a saying? I had not heard it before.

Daizy said...

Working Rachel, it was quite amusing to see his reaction. I think he thought I had lost my mind a little. But come on, how can you not say those things when you have a professional camera just like in the movies?