Thursday, November 25, 2010

Home For The Holidays

This isn't my home, it is my parents' home but it still feels nice to be here. It has been 11 months since I came to visit. It started to snow today and there is a winter storm warning for the next two days. My mom and I ventured out to Walmart to look for paint for my brother's bird house. We couldn't find any. They only had house paint in the large cans or washable finger paints. Sometimes people don't want their paint to be washable especially when it is for an outdoor bird house. We settled on fat Sharpie markers and some clear coat spray paint. Now we just have to find an area that is at least 50 degrees so the spray paint will work.

My rental car drove very well in the snow. It slipped a little at stop signs on the back roads but did well on the main roads. I need to remember NOT to come to a full stop at the very snowy stop signs. I might not be able to get started again. My rental car is very nice as it should be for the price I paid. I decided not to skimp on the car considering the weather and the distance that my parents live from the airport (2 hours). I have never rented a car for myself. It seems so extravagant.

My dog-nanny sent me a picture of my dogs today. That made me feel good. I miss them especially since I have a whole bed to myself. I don't miss the dog chores though like cleaning the floor, scooping poop and being woken up at 6am to feed them. I think I will try and appreciate my dog-free time while I am here although I will be very happy to see my dogs again.

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