Saturday, October 30, 2010

Too Busy

I woke up early again, or I should say, was woken up early again. I cleaned the floor again and my new girls peed on it again. I think I went through 2 rolls of paper towels. I decided that it was time to put vinyl flooring down the hallway. I can't clean particle board very well and it soaks up things that I don't want it to soak up. I bought a 6'x8' roll for $25. I haven't measured my hallway yet but hopefully I have enough vinyl to cover it.

I took my 3 terriers to the adoption event but I went home with 3 terriers. That's ok though. They don't take up much space. My new girls went to the vet. They said my pregnant girl will have puppies any time. I see a lot more cleaning in my future.

Tomorrow the pregnant dog's owner is coming over to help me prepare a spot for her. It is warm here again so the flies are back and I need a plastic flap on my dog door to keep them out. Soon it will be cold again and the flies will die but then I will have to figure out how to keep mom and pups warm since that bathroom is not heated or cooled. There is no door on the bathroom at the moment since, some of you may remember, I took the door off and installed it in the other doorway. There is only a plastic barricade (actually a large shelf from one of those stackable shelving arrangement. I think I need to go back to the habitat store and look for a door. Since I don't work within walking distance of it any more I will have to actually drive there. I can still make it there and back on my lunch break. It will be fun to go there again. I miss browsing through there when I was bored. I just need to only buy what's on my list.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Seems like the dogs are you main job these days. Hope you are enjoying your weekend anyway

Anonymous said...

What breed is the dog whos having pups? How long do you get to keep them at your house?

Daizy said...

Lizzie, I know, I wish I could do it full time. Too bad it doesn't pay me a salary yet.

Daizy said...

Anonymous, she is a boxer mix and who knows what daddy was. If all goes well I will keep them until they are 8 weeks old then they can be adopted or go back to the original foster's home