Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Little Lost Desert Dog

Today I cleaned my floor! I am very happy about that. It was one of those chores that bothers me because I see it everyday and think about how dirty it is but I don't have time to do it well. So today I cleaned the whole thing, even under the counter where the dogs walk. Lots of dust bunnies under there. I also cleaned my bathroom, the one that is non-functional so that my female dog, who happens to be in heat, can have a space of her own. I put a dog bed in there and food and water and a bone. Of course she doesn't like it. She is sleeping under the counter by my bed. In case you don't remember, the bedroom that I added is where the kitchen used to be and I left the counter in there because it was very sturdy and actually comes in quite handy. I moved my bread maker out from below the counter and now the dogs can sleep there.

In the afternoon the dogs were very messing with their water bowl and they tracked muddy foot prints all over my floor. Oh well, at least it was clean for a short time.

I made Lost Dog signs to put up around the neighborhood. When I was driving down my dirt road guess who I saw? Yes, it was my lost dog. Unfortunately, she wouldn't let me get near her. This was as close as I got before she ran off in to the desert. I am trying to locate a dog trap to try and catch her that way. There are many neighbor dogs that run free, maybe she will befriend one and go home with it. I don't really see her getting in to a trap. There is too much food around. I left her some food and water in my yard and put it in a doghouse with the blanket that she was lying on when I brought her here. Maybe she will hang around and get used to the place.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

I think that your wild dog will end up sort of living with you but on her own terms. Maybe put up the posters just in case she goes home with a neighbours dog and they take them back to the pound.

Daizy said...

I put up signs and put in a report with the humane society. She doesn't have her collar and license on but she is microchipped so if she does get picked up by the pound, there is a good chance they will call me (and fine me $300 for having a loose dog).