Thursday, September 30, 2010

Weekend In Sight

Ahh...Thursday night. That's when I know I can make it one more day and then the weekend will be here. The weather for this weekend...upper 90's. That's better than 100 I suppose. I heard the weatherman promise 80's next weekend. It's always NEXT weekend.

Here is my latest foster-dog. It isn't a very good picture. He is a Dachshund mix of some sort. Short little legs but his ears are shorter than a full Dachshund. He is very cute and soft. I hope he gets adopted this weekend. He is too nice and fragile to be in with my rough and tumble pack of doggies. He has been going to work with me the last 2 days because the office is practically empty.

You know all those fruit and vegetables I bought on Monday? I have had to force myself to eat them. I have been having salads for lunch and after that I am not in the mood for more fruit. The good thing is that I am reaching for a banana or peach instead of candy. On weekends I don't snack at all. At work I snack constantly out of boredom or stress. Maybe one of the side effects of quitting my job will be losing 10 pounds effortlessly. That would be nice.

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