Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Websites Of My Life

Last week a coworker reminded me about the new rules for the Chase Freedom card. It used to be that I got cashback on my top 5 categories. I didn't have to do anything. Now they changed the rules to be similar to Discover Card. Every quarter I have to go online and sign up and they get to pick the categories for 3% cashback. I forgot about the sign up part so I went on to their site and looked around, and looked, and looked. Finally I found the right place. They sure didn't make it easy to find. I'm sure I will forget where the sign up is by next quarter. They weren't even good categories either. I don't remember what they are but Discover card is gas and groceries right now so I'm using that one.

This week the Chase website has been down for 3 days. I'm glad I paid my credit cards online last week. I won't need the website again until I am ready to make another mortgage payment in a week or two. Now, the website I can't live without, Facebook, is down. Ok, so I can probably survive a night without Facebook. I actually snuck on at work at 4:58. I don't usually do that but when our office moved and they moved our server, they seem to have forgotten to re-install Websense, the bad website blocker. I'm trying hard not to abuse my new found freedom. I'm sure they will realise their mistake soon enough.

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Daizy said...

Oh good, Facebook is back up. I can live vicariously through others again!