Monday, September 27, 2010

Set For The Week

I decided to run over to the grocery store at lunch today instead of going after work. The office was really quiet today. Everyone was either on vacation or travelling. I picked up a bag of dog food, milk, lettuce, tomato, yogurt on clearance, and the fruit that you see here. I left it all on my desk so I don't have to take it home and then back to work again. I hope it doesn't attract fruit flies.

While checking out I saw a sign that said "As a proactive security measure we are checking IDs for all credit card transactions". I know some people hate that and others like the extra check. I don't really mind. Anyway, I get up there and use my credit card and not only does the cashier not ask to see my ID (he was the assistant manager) but I try to sign the card swiper pad and there is no pen thing or stylus, whatever they are called. He says, just put your thumb print. I thought he was kidding but he wasn't. So I press my thumb on the sign pad and it leaves a smudge and the transaction was complete. Wow, that store needs a few upgrades.

It all came to $23.50. I didn't calculate the tax when I was estimating the cost. Guess I should have put the yogurt and cantaloupe back.


Alex K said...

Thought you might be interested in this. Yes it's far but it's cheap too:

Daizy said...

Hi Alex, thanks for the link. I have seen some manufactured homes here in AZ for cheap. At one time I was seriously considering them but after seeing them in person I decided the quality was too low. So many had water damage. I decided to just put a little money in to the mobile home I have and save up for a site built home preferably one with a concrete floor or at least tile.