Monday, September 13, 2010

Another Monday

Another Monday under the bridge. It wasn't too bad. I spent most of the day trying to fill in the blanks on a spreadsheet that my boss made to monitor our company's web site. He has explained it to me three times now but I still don't get it.

Since my house was so calm and boring with only 4 dogs (haha) I offered to take in another waif from one of the other fosters. Her dogs were fighting so she kept this one in the bathroom and he managed to turn the water on and flood her house. So I will be keeping this cute little guy while the workman tear out her floors and walls. What a pain. He can't flood my place because in keep the water pump off. My first foster would have flooded my place if the water had been on when she chewed threw my toilet inlet hose. Luckily that was disconnected at the time.

The weatherman has been teasing me again. The 10 day forecast promised temperatures in the low 90's this week. Now the forecast is 98 and 97 all week. Very disappointing. Not quite low enough to turn the AC off for the animals so my electric bill is still creeping higher and higher. Maybe next week will give me some relief.

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