Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sad Little Doggies

I need to stop looking at craig's list. Everyday someone posts the dogs on the euthanasia list and everyday I look at it and wish I could save them. This was a momma and one baby that got put down last night.

I was rooting for her but she didn't get rescued in time. I don't have a separate place for a momma and babies so I can't foster them yet but it is part of my long term plan. This is the next one that I want to rescue. She is pregnant.

I won't be able to get her either.

There are many things that slow down my mortgage plan, rental troubles, truck maintenance, pay cuts, medical and dental bills, but the one thing that I wouldn't mind delaying my plan for is doggie rescue. But I know that it is better to be financially secure before getting in to something like that. That's how people get over their heads with a house full of animals. I certainly don't want that. Still, it is hard to see their little sad faces and not be able to help. I just have to tell myself that the more money that I save now, the more dogs I will be able to save later.


Marie said...

Hi, I posted as "anonymous" last week. I really admire your desire to rescue animals. This is something that I would love to do one day too. But unlike you, I don't think I'm strong enough to foster as I get too attached. Do you think that when you do quit your job, you could register as a non-profit organization? I know that people generally are more willing to donate to places that would give them a tax deduction. Plus maybe you could get some sort of state/federal assistance if you were registered. Or if not, is there a way that you could maybe have a doggie day camp for other dogs which would bring in extra income?

Daizy said...

Hi Marie, oh yes, doggie daycare/boarding is something that would be great. My only problem at the moment is that I don't have a respectable looking home. No one in their right mind would leave their dog at my trailer right now. I am still debating the cost of a house verses the benefits. My gargage idea would include a kennel area but I don't know if it would be nice enough for a doggie daycare. I would like to offer pet sitting in the client's home once I quit my job. There don't seem to be many pet sitters around here. And about starting my own rescue, I've thought about it but I think it is better to partner with an existing non-profit rescue at least to start with. The rescue has already said they would love to help me set up fences and kennels on my property and even donate some materials. I'm still stumped by the fact that I don't have a sturdy permanent structure like a garage or house. My garage is falling down and this mobile home won't last much longer. Plus the rescue that I will be with will help with training, trade out problem dogs, advertise and organize events, do fundraising, cover the legal aspects and pay the vet bills. Vet bills can get out of control and recently a few rescues were sunk by lawsuits from the county. Animal rescue gets crazy sometimes.