Thursday, August 26, 2010

Procrastination 'Til the End

They had a meeting at work without me about the office move. The schedule was on my desk this morning. Seems I am part of the out-going stuff crew. I asked when we were supposed to show up on Saturday and they said 8. So much for sleeping in. And I was so looking forward to the weekend. I have put off my chores like laundry and grocery shopping and now I will have a short weekend. I am depressing myself already.

Tomorrow I won't get much actual work done. I have put off packing up my desk. I am tempted to throw most of the papers away but I better not. Maybe we will get so much done tomorrow that we won't have to come in on Saturday at all. Well, that probably won't happen but I hope, at least, we don't have to stay until 5.

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