Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Math Is Hard

I wasn't happy when Chase Freedom card changed it's rewards program from cash back to the point system but now I don't mind so much. I had 15000 points which equals $150 and they still have a cash back option so I went on to the web site to cash out. Then I noticed an advertisement for Home Depot gift cards. Like my Discover card, Chase points can now be exchanged for an array of gift cards. Right now a few of the gift cards can be had for $5 less than their value so a $25 gift card can be exchanged for 2000 points. They also had $50 and $100 gift cards. I was going to get a $100 gift card when I noticed something. The $25 gift card was 2000 points, the $50 gift card was 4500 points and the $100 gift card was 9000 points. So if I got 4 $25 gift cards I could get them for 8000 points. You can guess which one I chose. (And for all you family reading this, yes, you are all getting HD gift cards for Christmas!)

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