Thursday, August 19, 2010

If I Bought Magazines

I was sitting at the doctor's office on Monday, waiting and waiting, and I glanced at the magazine selection and something caught my eye.

Adopted Dog magazine! It is the magazine that I would buy if I bought magazines. I picked it up with excitement and flipped through. Then I was very disappointed to discover that it was only a small added section in one issue of Dog Fancy magazine. Bummer. I certainly wouldn't spend money on Dog Fancy.

I brought my new foster dog to work today. He was so well behaved. I think he is the most well behaved of any of my dogs so far. It certainly makes the day go faster to have a dog for company.

One more day until the weekend. It is still going to be 100 degrees so I don't plan on doing anything outside. I haven't made any plans yet. Getting through tomorrow is my only goal so far.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Just catching up with this weeks posts. Tell me things will be easier with the healthcare reforms, your insurance sounds like a nightmare. Surely the whole point of insurance is that it pays for everything not just bits?
You do pick up the cutest dogs by the way. Why are their so many unwanted dogs? Is it not normal to neuter dogs normally?
Hope you have a cooler weekend.

Daizy said...

Lizzie, I am not really sure what the healthcare reform will do. I think I won't see it until 2014. Usually my insurance pays 90% or 80% but then there is out of network and in network differences. I hate to open the insurance summaries. They are always a surprise, some good, some bad.

What do they do with unwanted dogs over there? A lot of people say they can't afford spay and neutering. It costs around $90 at the cheap clinic. There are a lot of free programs in the summer which are always popular. Right now many people are abandoning dogs because of financial problems. Many get left behind with foreclosed houses. Others dumped in the desert. Some lose their dog and can't afford the $150 fee to get it out of the dog pound. Some people try to make money by breeding and selling cute mutt puppies. Some think it is not macho to get their male god neutered. Some think their female should have at least one litter first. So many reasons and they all add up to an over-flowing dog pound where they get killed.