Saturday, August 21, 2010

Errand Day

My dogs woke me up at 6am as usual and I tried to go back to sleep. At 9 the dogs were ready for a nap and I had given up on getting more sleep so I got up. I took both propane tanks to get filled. $48 later and my fridge is working again. I have got to make a final decision and sell my 5th wheel this Fall. It is an added expense that I don't really need and I would rather have the money.

After the propane I loaded up one of my foster dogs and headed to the vet to get a spay/neuter certificate to prove it was done. This is the dog that gets car sick and pees on my seat so I gave her some motion sickness medicine. I also made her sit in a plastic bin to protect my seat.

After the vet, all was well and we continued on to the home of another foster lady who was interested in fostering a dog that was not sick and tolerated cats (10 cats to be precise). 5 minutes from her house and can guess. It was all nicely contained in the bucket. Unfortunately, that meant I had a very dirty dog to show to the nice lady. Luckily, she was very understanding and we were able to wash off the dog in the front yard. All went well and I ended up leaving my foster at her new foster home. She will definitely get more attention there as this lady is home all day.

Now I have an opening for another female foster. I think I might get one tomorrow. Until then I will have to make do with my three boys. They like to compete for my attention but right now they are all napping.

So, I spent $48 on propane and a $15 or so on gas. Not too bad for a Saturday.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

I read your second sentence as 9 dog the first time. I thought you had become the dog hoarder lady!

Daizy said...

Not yet Lizzie but close! When I get too many I don't have enough time for my own two dogs. I need to stop looking at the website that says which ones are going to be killed. Sometimes ignorance is better.