Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Work Dogs And No Rain Yet

I brought my Toto dog to work because I knew most of the people weren't there and it's just fun to have a well-behaved dog at work. He's wearing the latest fashion in frugal belly bands. I used an old beach towel and some packing tape. It worked very well. Much better than the ones I was making out of paper towels. He was still a little skittish of strange noises and people who popped out around corners but he was good for the most part. I found out that my boss is coming back tomorrow. No more jeans until Friday. And no more bringing dogs to work until he leaves in a week.

No rain again although it did rain all around me. I can't believe the rain is so slow to get here. I am getting down to the last couple hundred gallons of water. I haven't changed my showering habits because I am sure it will rain any day now. We do have a shower at work so if it came to that I would have an alternative shower source. But I can shower with 2 gallons of water if I have to. That's what I did when I first moved here and the water tanks were empty. I certainly don't miss those days.

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