Friday, July 30, 2010

A Weird Week

This past week we had an employee quit suddenly, his manager on vacation, both bosses out of the office, ice cream and today a dog. It went by pretty fast. I like non-traditional weeks once in a while. It's like the last week of school, nothing is predictable and sometimes it's fun.

I had a co-worker's dog at my feet all day which led to many petting breaks and snack breaks. I was saving some old cheetos in my drawer just in case a dog was visiting. So I had the cheetos out and my coworker comes over and starts to eat them. I said, I wouldn't eat those if I were you but he did anyway and then had this grossed out look on his face. I told him they were old. He didn't believe me. Maybe that will teach him not to raid my snacks...ok, probably not.

It is raining again and my collection tanks are almost full. The only holding tank left to fill is the jacuzzi so I guess I will do that tomorrow.

No rent yet either so I need to make my portion of my extra payment online tonight before July runs out. I might have waited too long. Oh well, I can always add it on to next month.

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