Thursday, July 8, 2010

Looking Up

My tenant called today all excited because her boss offered her a full time position making a dollar more than she was before. She promised me all of her first check in 2 weeks. I hope it happens.

I also had a plan to get her some rental help but now I don't know if it will work. A friend of mine who also has rental property, told me that his county has a rental assistance program that some of his tenants are using. I looked it up online and my county also has an emergency assistance program for those who are in danger of eviction. I told my tenant my idea and then brought an eviction notice to her so that she could file for assistance. Today she told me that the lady in charge said there was a month-long waiting list. I said to tell them that her landlord will give her an extension. If she can get even one month's rent then she will have a much easier time catching up on the back rent that she owes me. I hope it works out.

I brought my new foster dog to work with me today because I am supposed to keep him separate from my dogs until I am sure he is not coming down with anything. Everyone liked him and said he could be our "office dog". Of course the boss is not here right now. He would not approve.

There are already 4 people interested in adopting this little guy. I would love it if someone would foster-to-adopt this weekend. That way he will never have to meet my mean Toto dog. They foster-to-adopt when the animal isn't spayed or neutered because we aren't allowed to adopt out un-altered animals. It is funny that 4 people want him now that he is out of the pound. People are reluctant to go there for many reasons, too sad, to noisy and smelly. And they don't want to adopt a dog without knowing its temperament. I am glad that I can be the in-between person to give the dogs a second chance.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Hi Daizy
Is there any doggie charity which would help you out with the block wall? Maybe a local company would donate the blocks if they new it was for a good cause? Its not like you are asking them to build a house for you, its all for the dogs and for saving lives.Maybe a local paper or magazine could help out?
Just an idea

Dave said...

Daizy, I am glad to see things looking up in the back rent issue. I hope this erratic income stream can finally become more reliable and paid on a timely basis.

Daizy said...

Lizzie, I suppose it is a possibility but most people want to give to a registered charity so they can write it off on their taxes. and the prices I was seeing could almost get me a house. $40-$60k for what I was envisioning.

I have come up with some alternative ideas, build it myself with low cost or free block on craig's list. That would take a while. Or, I found 8' long and 6' tall wood fence panels at the used building supply store for only $10each. I could make 2 big dog runs for only a few hundred dollars.

Daizy said...

Dave, I hope the rent gets back on track. It's that back rent that I am worried about. Hopefully the tax supported assistance comes through. I like the idea of my tax money working directly for me. :)