Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dog Parks And Rainwater

The dogs woke me up at 6:15 which is their usual time. I didn't go back to sleep in the RV because I wanted to get some chores done before it got hot. I've been wanting to take the dogs in to the groomer to get their nails cut for a while now. Since I only have a truck I can't take them all at once and since I can't leave the dogs in the truck, I can't do other shopping while in town. I decided to take my dog Jimmie by himself because he is the worst one when I try to cut his nails. We went out to the dog park first as a treat for him. He ran around for about 10 minutes and then this is what he did the rest of the time:

Well, it was hot. I was sitting in the shade too. After that we headed to the groomers and for $6 they cut his nails. He let them do it without too much fuss. Next I dropped of 4 garbage bags of recycling that had been taking up too much room at home. Then we went back home for a nap.

While at the dog park I saw this dog, a Shiba Ibu, which reminded me of this news story that I read yesterday.

Mistaken For Coyote
Here's a summary: dog gets out, neighbor calls police, police take dog to Humane Society, Humane Society says it is a coyote and police pick it up again, police call wildlife expert who says to shoot it or set it free, police set it free behind Home Depot, police notice lost dog signs that look like their "coyote", police tell owner what happened and help look for dog. It would have been a better story if she had been reunited with her dog again but it is still lost and was probably eaten by coyotes. That is one strange story.

I got one load of laundry done and filled up my RV water tank and 100 gallon reserve tank. Now if it rains I can collect more water. I'll finish filling my 400 gallon tank tomorrow. I love having water!

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