Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Almost Social

I was almost social tonight but I hate getting home after dark so I bowed out. See, the visitor from our other office was in Mexico all day and I was going to go to dinner with her and the other coworkers but I waited until 5:30 and she was still 45 minutes away. I'm so bad when it comes to that kind of stuff especially when it's on my own time. I'm a little bit more social on company time. Next time she visits we should all go to lunch instead of dinner.

I was trying to go to bed early tonight because I didn't sleep well last night but I ended up chatting with an ex-coworker on Facebook. He just up and quit last Friday. I wish I could do that...someday it will be possible. More rain last night and only 2 more days of work until the weekend. I'll make it one day at a time.


Dave said...

I was never social at work this way. I never went to the company's annual holiday party in all the 23 years I worked there. I went to just about no farewell lunches for anyone in the last 15 years or so I was there, too.

I always liked the extra peace and quiet time I had to get work done while the rest of the division was at these things. And I just had no interest in socializing with my coworkers outside of my one or two friends. Working part-time in the last 8 years made it easier to decline going to these things and miss many of the events.

The capper was declining to have a luncheon on my last day, opting instead to have a private lunch with my best friend/coworker like we had done often. My coworkers gave me the cash they raised which would gone to pay for part of the lunch, about $160. Now THAT was a nice sendoff LOL!

Daizy said...

That was so nice of them to give you the money. I can't believe anyone would really do that. Maybe that was in place of the gold watch they didn't get you.

Ros said...

When I was working for a corporate place, I never did does socials either. It was enough for me to hang out with coworkers during lunch and breaktimes.