Saturday, June 12, 2010

Water, Dogs, and Laundry

Today was filled with chores, nap and dogs. The temperature was only 87 today but windy. I got 3 loads of laundry done by noon. My water supply from the tanks where I get my laundry water is just about done. I had to use the reserve water from the jacuzzi to fill up my RV tank. The tank on the mobile home still has plenty of water though. The summer rains probably won't come for another 4 weeks. That means I'll have to use the rest of the jacuzzi water for the laundry. That's too far to cart by bucket so I will hook up the water pump for my next laundry load. If I am careful I shouldn't have to do laundry for another 2 weeks. After all that work and after I made the bed again, the dogs and I took a nap.

My foster dog is an escape artist and managed to get out of the front yard once by herself and the other time with my little Toto. She is skinny and wiggled through a space in the wire gate. Jimmie is too fat to get out. He only gets his head out. He could push the gate over if he wanted to but he doesn't know it. Luckily I saw them running around and was able to get them back without much trouble but now they can't be left unsupervised in the front yard.

I am trying not to go to the grocery store for a while. My pantry is full of food but I have been strolling the grocery aisles lately instead of eating what I have. I have already run out of tomatoes, milk, cinnamon raisin bagels and tea. I also threw out one rotted tomato and a quart of chunky milk so I think that I should not be in a hurry to replace those. I need to be more creative with the food that I have (including the powdered milk that is 8 years old!). I did make brownies tonight in the toaster oven. That should keep me from buying cookies at the store.

So far so good on not spending any extra money this month but the rest of this month includes Father's Day and some birthdays. I'm terrible when it comes to buying presents. I can never think of anything and then when I finally think of something it will never get there on time. I think I have reached the late point already.


Unknown said...

I love summer time when I can dry the clothes outside, I dry them on indoor lines when it it wet and in the UK, it is often wet. You can't beat the smell of line dry laundry - BTW - love you rblog

Daizy said...

I should at least partially line dry my stuff since most days here are dry but I am lazy in that area. The dryer removes the pet hair (and there is a LOT of pet hair) but I could just throw them in the dryer when they are mostly dry. I think the fact that the dryer is outside, not close by, makes me just want to throw them in and come back later.