Sunday, June 20, 2010

Things To Look Forward To

It is the eve of a new week. I hope it is a good one. I should get rent money this week. That would be great since I could make another extra payment and get this month behind me. Um, what else...after this week there will be only one more week until my next 3 day weekend. I will be one week closer to the summer rains. I used the last of my laundry water for one load today. Sure will be nice when my tanks are full again.

Lizzie left a comment asking if I was finished moving to the mobile home. I still haven't moved the cat or my food and clothes. The RV is just such a nice refuge from the dogs that I haven't finished moving. I decided that I couldn't move the cat in to the bedroom with me since the space is too small and the dogs like to torture the cat. My next choice is to make space in the other bedroom on the other side of the living room. The complication is the air conditioning. I can't figure out how to air condition the dogs and cat at the same time if they aren't in the same room. I came up with one idea but I don't know if the cat would go for it. I thought I could make a cat door in the wall to the living room and attach the big dog cage on one side. That way the cat would have air conditioned access but be protected from the dogs. They would still be able to frighten her though and she might hide in the hot bedroom all day and make herself sick. I could also buy a small window air conditioner for that room. That wouldn't save me any money but at least it would move the cat out of the RV so I could get it ready to sell.

This isn't exactly an urgent problem since things are ok the way they are now although when I see this month's electric bill I might change the priority to urgent. I'll think about it some more and maybe I can think of a creative, economical solution.

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