Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Foster Dog Joins The Gang

The dog rescue lady called me today and asked if she could drop a dog off at work around noon. Well, that would have worked out yesterday when the boss wasn't there but the boss came back today so I said I would pick the dog up after work. That meant I had to drive to the pound and look at all the sad doggies in the cages. I was glad to get one out though.

She is one year old, skinny Sharpei/Shepherd mix. She has a cough too and threw up in my truck on the way home, poor baby. I have medicine for her so she should be better in a few weeks.

My dogs greeted her with the typical dog greeting. So far Toto hasn't barked a lot. He watches her though and makes sure she doesn't get out of line.

The biggest reason that I don't want to quit my job yet is because I want to continue fostering dogs. It is fun, I've learned a ton about dogs and I have met a lot of people. If I ever get enough money to have a real house and yard I want to foster some of the mamas and babies. Time will tell if I can stand my job that long.


Unknown said...

I can empathize with this post. I spent many years working at jobs that I didn't like. I'm now trying to rectify that.

You seem to have an advantage over me, because you've already identified skills you possess and pursuits that interest you. That may be the toughest part. Good luck.

Daizy said...

Hi Michael, thanks for the comment. How are you trying to rectify your situation? The hardest part for me is trying to think of skills and interests that can earn money. I'm interested in plenty of things that need money.

Unknown said...

I'm on a similar path. Co-workers laughed at my frugal lifestyle. Several years ago, I even bought a house under similar circumstances; only instead of renting it, I sold it at a loss. Ouch. These days, I'm concentrating on finding what I'm meant to do in life; not worrying (too much) about the money.

I enjoy reading books and websites about people finding their purpose in life. I think I found your site from a link at Jacob's ERE. At "", you can read articles written by a man who is selling his art on the web. If you click on his picture in the top upper-left corner, then click the "Papers" link on the left, you can read his frank accounts of his experiences. I once worked with a lady who sewed and sold custom-made caps and other clothing on the Internet in her spare time. Or maybe there is a possibility of training service dogs or having a dog kennel business?

Daizy said...

Hi Michael, I do want to make and sell something, not sure what. And I would love to have a yard and kennel set-up so I could pet sit in my home but I don't think that's going to happen since I am a long way off from having a real home and a secure yard. But pet sitting in other people's homes could work for now.

Good luck with finding your life's purpose. I hope the journey is as fun as the destination.