Saturday, June 26, 2010

June Can Be Over Now

I finally went grocery shopping for dog food and, not surprisingly, I bought more than dog food. The total came to $62. I added up my June expenses and I was $9 less than my budgeted amount. Too bad I needed propane badly. That came to $23. I was wondering where I could get $14 when I remembered that I still had my donation bucket from the dog adoption event months ago. I counted it up and there was $14 inside. $14 also just happens to be the price of a bag of dog food on sale (and I bought 2). Now I need to not spend any extra money until July. So far I can't think of anything that I can't put off for 4 more days.

I used the last of my water reserves today. I still have 70 gallons in the RV tank, 100 in the RV reserve tank and 250 in the tank for the mobile home. The jacuzzi is empty as well as both collection tanks on the garage.

It was so hot outside while I was working that I was wishing that the jacuzzi was full of water so I could jump in but alas, I was emptying it instead. I was hoping that I didn't find anything scary under the jacuzzi cover. I did find one tarantula.

I don't mind them. They won't attack. The rain is getting closer though. I am sure it will rain sometime next week. We had the tiniest bit of sprinkles yesterday. I could see the imprints of the raindrops left in the dust. Each one an inch from the other. My truck is also dotted. I am not one of those people who habitually wash their vehicles so I don't mind if it is dirty. Maybe I should wash it to entice the rain.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Plan a barbecue or picnic, that always brings the rain on for me. Like taking an umbrella on holiday keep the weather dry for a week.
Not sure I would be so cool if I found a tarantula in my batyh though!

Daizy said...

Good idea Lizzie, with the 4th of July holiday coming up next weekend I am sure it will rain because everyone has outdoor plans.

I don't mind tarantulas because I know that variety (Mexican brown) is practically blind. He was walking straight towards my shoe at one point...that was a little creepy.