Thursday, May 6, 2010

Long Week

Almost the weekend. Here I go again, wishing my life away. Although I can't say that I would want my life to be longer if I had to spend it at work. That would be awful. Work was busy yet frustrating because our computer system wasn't working. Simple tasks took 5 or 6 tries and sometimes I gave up. Maybe it will be working tomorrow.

My dogs are starting to get along better. On Tuesday the new dog had used my bathroom floor as her bathroom again. If only she would use the toilet and learn to flush. I would gladly fill the toilet with water for her. I put a barricade in front of the doorway on Wednesday and that seemed to work. No nasty surprises. It worked again today but some how they managed to dump their water bucket. That meant thirsty dogs and a mopping job for me. Not what I like to do in my free time.

I have considered taking a break for the summer. I was considering that while scrubbing poop off the floor earlier in the week. When all of the dogs are behaving I want to keep rescuing dogs. But when they aren't behaving...well, I need some time away. Someday I will have a real yard with a secure fence and the dogs can stay out there when the weather permits. Right now there are about 20 dogs up for rescue at the pound. 3 is my maximum amount. It is sad to see them get put to sleep but for now I have all that I can handle.

Tomorrow is Friday...yay!

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