Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Internet Ups and Downs

When I got home on Sunday my modem lights were blinking. Since I just went through this a few weeks ago, I didn't even try taking the modem outside to test it. I thought I would just have to wait a few days until it magically came on again. Well, yesterday it was still blinking. Today it was still blinking so I decided to call Qwest. I went through the whole "turn the modem off, turn the modem on" and what do you know? It worked. I should have tried it before calling but I was so sure that wasn't the problem. Oh well, at least I am back up again.

I added up my expenses for April. Wow. That was one expensive month. No treats for the next 6 months! I spent twice as much as I should have. My 3 gallon dog waterer and no-bark bird house arrived today. I probably shouldn't have bought them. I could have gotten by with a pail of water and a muzzle. My little dog is actually getting used to the new foster dog. He has been letting her hang out in the dog run so I am not finding doggy doo-doo in my bathroom any more. At least I didn't yesterday. I haven't checked today. I haven't tried the no-bark bird house. I need a 9V battery. But right now they aren't barking so there is no urgency.

It is 90 degrees in the RV right now. The weather is getting hot and I need to get my cat moved in to the mobile home very soon. That will undoubtable cause some barking. At least I will be prepared.

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