Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How Much Longer?

This work stuff is really a drag this week. I just don't know how to get any cooperation from my annoying co-worker. I ask him about a project and he tells me to ask someone else. Then he gets mad when I ask the other person. The next time I tell him ahead of time and ask him if he wants to be copied on my email. He says yes, then gets mad when I send out the email and tells me that I have nothing to do with the problem I am asking about. My boss is on the other side telling me he needs an update NOW so he can tell the customer when their stuff will get done. I don't understand why coworkers aren't more helpful. We all work for the same company, we are supposed to be a team.

When my mortgage gets paid off it will be extremely tempting to quit on days like today. If I don't need the money I can't see staying here and putting up with the attitude. Life is too short for that. It's not like we do humanitarian work or anything.

For now though I will play nice even though I know the problem will come up again because I still don't know the correct way to deal with him. I have a feeling that there is no correct way. He rants at everyone except the big boss. I feel a little sorry for the person who will get my job. But maybe they will know how to handle things better than I do. Very soon I will be able to give someone else that chance.


kelsi said...

RE: the co-worker. Maybe you should start leaving baby pacifiers on his desk... anonymously, of course.

Or perhaps your dogs could come up with a nice, stinky present for him :)

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

People that uncooperative are generally either not happy with their lives or they enjoy attention, even negative attention. Pretty soon they will be a distant memory.

Daizy said...

kelsi, nice one but there are only a few people in my office. I think he would figure it out.

Daizy said...

Over the Cubicle, I can't wait for this job to be a distant memory. What a pleasant thought.