Saturday, May 1, 2010

Errands And More

The dogs kicked me out of bed at 8 and I managed to stay up and get myself organised enough to get over to my sister's house by 11. We had to split our errands up because there wasn't enough time in the day. She went to the mall with 2 kids and I went to Target and the bookstore with 3 kids. I bought birthday presents for the 2 kids with May birthdays and finally managed to find the lotion that I like.

I've been looking all over the place for that lotion. It is the only cheap lotion that I like that has SPF 15 sunscreen in it. I really don't like sunscreen but this stuff is very light and I can wear it every day without feeling like I need to wash my face. I was so happy that I found it that I bought 5 large bottles. They were on sale for $5 each. I should be set for a few years.

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