Sunday, May 16, 2010

Birthday Presents For Me

I managed to drag my giant pot over to my mobile home without too much trouble. All three drains are directed towards the pot. I still need to put some screen over the ends of the pipe so that critters don't crawl up.

With that chore done, I decided to take my birthday money and buy shoes and a fruit tree. Unfortunately, May is not a great month for planting since it is about to get really hot. They had 2 sad looking mandarin orange trees and I was tempted to buy one but then decided to wait until the Fall to give my tree a better chance at survival. They had other trees but I didn't want fig or avocado and the peach and apricot need to be sprayed every year and I'm not sure I will remember to do that. They also had grapes and pomegranate. I planted a pomegranate at my rental house and it is a nice tree but it takes many years to get edible fruit. The sign said they had raspberries too. I would have liked one of those but they were all out.

Next I headed to the shoe store. I looked at the entire selection including the men's shoes because I have a wide foot and men's shoes are wider. There wasn't much padding in the shoes no matter what the price. I even tried on the $140 super-duper walking shoes but they weren't that great. Certainly not worth $140.

I ended up buying a pair on sale for $20. They had a good tread and were dirt colored. Good for walking on my rocky dirt road. I also bought some $15 gel insoles. They make the shoes feel much better. It's funny that the insoles are almost as much as the shoes. My total shoe purchase came to $37 with tax.

Since I didn't have a tree to plant in my pot I decided to take all of my old seeds and plant them all. Some of them were from 2001! I doubt many of them will sprout but it will be interesting to see what, if anything, comes up.


KoBold said...

Seeds found in pyramids have been reported to sprout, so who knows?!

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

I love new walking shoes. So many miles to take them.

Daizy said...

KoBold, they made better seeds back then. haha.

Over the Cubicle, I love new walking shoes too and yet I find it so hard to get rid of the old ones. I need to throw them out now instead of throwing them in a closet for 'just in case'.