Tuesday, April 6, 2010

People Food Or Dog Food?

On Saturday when I took my 2 foster dogs to the bookstore for possible adoption, I set out some signs that I had made and pictures of other foster dogs and I even made a donation bucket. Usually the lady in charge brings all of the literature and a donation can but this time I was on my own. I didn't have a coffee can since I don't drink coffee so I ended up using a large margarine tub that I had saved. The kind people did donate and we counted up $14 at the end of the day. I called the rescue lady and told her we had $14 for her but she told me to keep it to buy dog food for my own foster dogs. That was very nice.

Since my 2 nieces and I were at the bookstore around lunch time I offered to buy them lunch and the closest place was Eegees. They have sandwiches and slushy type drinks and I had never been there. We ordered 2 meatball subs and 3 slushies and the bill came to $21. I was stunned for a moment but, hey, it was a special occasion. Too bad there wasn't a Taco Bell nearby. It's my favorite and much cheaper.

Anyway, I got $14 for dogs food and spent $21 on people food. It wasn't in my budget but if I shuffle the money around then I only spent $7 on lunch. What do they call that...misappropriation of funds? Well, the $14 is still in the donation bucket so I don't think I have broken any laws. Anyway, the dogs did get some of the meat balls in the subs. I think that counts as dog food.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

I have no idea what an Eegees, but I do like slushy drinks.

Money is money once it enters your budget, so I think you are in the clear. Nice of her to let you put it towards your own pups.

Daizy said...

Ya, I'm not a non-profit so I don't think I'll be audited or anything. Taco Bell would have been half that and tasted better too.