Monday, April 26, 2010

My Expensive Dogs

Dogs are expensive. I suppose not all dogs are expensive but mine are. My new foster dog had ticks so I had to buy tick spray and tick powder. I was impressed by the tick spray. I can't find a tick on her anymore. It definitely didn't smell good though. I found it at Big Lots for only $3 a bottle. I bought 3 bottles just in case but only used part of one.

My latest problem is how to keep my little dog from bullying the new dog. He is at it again. My foster dog is 4 times bigger than he is and yet he barks and bites her. She tries to hide behind my legs. So far I have been bitten 3 times, not hard bites, just accidental bites when they start going at each other. I could make him wear a muzzle all day but I don't like him to wear it when I am not around.

So today I ordered a no-bark machine. It is supposed to emit a sound only dogs can hear when they start to bark. I am hoping that the sound will discourage him from engaging the other dog in a fight. We will see. For $50 I have high hopes. If not I will take it back and he will have to wear a muzzle all day. In the mean time, after coming home to an unpleasant surprise of poop in my house because the little dog won't let the new dog in to the dog run, I am going to put the new dog in a separate cage outside tomorrow. Hopefully she won't dig out or howl all day.

I also ordered a jumbo 3 gallon water dispenser. Summer is coming soon and the little dog can't reach the big water bucket. I've been filling a small dish for him but on hot days it goes empty fast.

That's another $75 total for the dogs. Oh, and I found another automatic dog feeder, the Quick Feed, that I want. This one is only $320 compared to the $500 price tag of the fancy metal one. This one hangs on the wall and can deliver the food through a pipe to a dish or scatter it. I would rather the kibble scatter so that all of the dogs get a chance to eat. I have one dog who is a big bowl hog. I can't afford $320 yet but I'll put it on my list for the future.


Big Sis said...

I am looking forward to hearing how the "no bark" machine works. Little dog is driving us crazy, some days he completely forgets how to do anything but bark. Bark...and pee. Ugh.

Daizy said...

I got the bird house...and the batteries. Now I just have to put them together and get a dog to bark.